Why Chonha?

After three graduates from the Graduate School of Interpretation & Translation, Hankook University of Foreign Studies, dedicated to providing to global language services, jointly founded Para International Co., Ltd. In 1993, Korea Chonha Translation(KCT) was estabilished in 1996, Korea Soft Translation(KST) in 2001 and Korea Translation Company(KTC) in 2010. Since then, it has been 25 years of working steadily down the path of translation.

We have successfully carried out more than 50,000 projects in a variety of fields thanks to our 10,000 professional translators/interpreters, working at home and abroad. With our wealth of experience, we are proudly providing our multilingual services in 300 languages spoken in 60 different countries around the globe. Korea Chonha Translation Company (KCT) is the best choice for your business.

As a Smart Language Service Provider, Korea Chonha Translation works in the service of our clients every step of the way.

Knock on our door. With Chonha.com working as your partner, the whole world (Chonha) is there for the taking

SONG HWA, LEE, the C.E.O. of Korea Chonha Translation


We are writing a new chapter in the history of translation services in Korea !
  • 26.Apr.1993

    Launched Para International

  • 1 Apr.1996

    Launched Chonha Language

  • 1 Mar.2000

    Changed the coporate name from Chonha Language to Korea Chonha Translation Company

  • 1 May 2001

    Launched Korea Soft Translation Company

  • 8 Mar.2010

    Launched Korea Translation Company



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